Get your veggies in the delicious way

Veggies and I have a love-hate relationship. I know I NEED them, but they’re not my go-to food, if I’m being honest… Which is why I LOVE salads!!! I trick myself into eating all my veggies and everyone is happy.

I was grocery shopping yesterday and came across shelled edamame which inspired this delicious salad. Of course, super easy to mix it up with your favorites, but here’s how I made mine

1 large handful baby spinach
3 grape tomatoes cut into quarters
half a cucumber cut into quarters
half an avocado sliced up and scooped
generous amount of shelled edamame {this is your protein, so don’t skip!}

I skipped a traditional dressing and used juice from half a lemon and Himalayan sea salt- so much healthier and just as yummy!

DELISH!!!! I was full for hours and not left feeling bloated. Win-win! Especially for summertime 😉 Enjoy, friend. How will you make it!?


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