Hello and happy Saturday to you! I hope that you are having a beautiful day!

I’m soaking up some sun at Starbucks while Platos Closet goes through some clothes that no longer fit {too big!} or I just don’t wear anymore. It feels good to declutter 👌🏼

While I’m here I’m just reflecting and feeling so grateful. Do you ever do that!? Take the time to stop and think about all the wonderful things in your life??

I didn’t always do this. Honestly, I didn’t realize how important it was. I knew my life was good, but often times I would become distracted with the struggles, the hurdles, the setbacks. And what was once a good day suddenly became a bad day over one minor incident.

Was it a bad day or just a bad 5 minutes you obsessed over all day? I was so guilty of this.

I have made it a habit to count my blessings each morning. From the little things to the miracles, each blessing matters! And you know what’s crazy!? The more you celebrate your life, the more you have to celebrate!

Gratitude makes all the difference in your mindset. Not only does it help you cope in the difficult situations, it makes your world more positive all around.

I encourage you today to start a gratitude journal. Take time each day to write down your blessings – big and small! And take note of how your world changes 💕


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