Go ahead and cheat

I know that sounds crazy, but it’s a term that really irks me. “Cheat day,” “cheat meal” – I don’t like that way that sounds.

Cheating has such a negative connotation, as it should. It’s bad if you cheat on a test, on your significant other, etc. Cheating is definitely looked down upon. But I don’t believe you can cheat on your lifestyle. Over the past 9 months I have adopted a cleaner, healthier way of eating and living. I am certainly not a nutritionist {although I would certainly love to study more of that} and I am not obsessed with my nutrition. But I am conscious of what I’m consuming and how it affects my body. It’s a lifestyle vs a diet.

But let me tell you, I still have a huge sweet tooth. My chocolate superfood shake has helped with that greatly, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy something sweet every once in a while. I am also a fan of cheese fries and the occasional burger. Probably not what you thought a health and fitness coach would say, right?! I’m human – I cannot be perfect. And that’s okay.

The beauty of a lifestyle is that it’s sustainable. It would be super unrealistic of me to think that because I’m working towards being healthier that means I will never let something sweet, delicious, or greasy touch my lips ever again. That’s crazy! I mean if that’s what is sustainable for you, then more power to ya, but for me that’s not going to happen. Because there will be the party, the nice dinner, the moment of “weakness” that I relax and enjoy.

I hope you do not have the idea that you need to be perfect to progress. Because that isn’t true. You do have to put in the effort and do the best you can. But your best doesn’t have to be 100% 365 days of the year. Aim high and if you hit the mark 80% of the time, you are doing fantastic! Over time you will train your body and crave different things. For example, I very rarely drink soda anymore – not because I’m consciously “depriving” myself of it, but because my body feels much better with good ole H2O and that’s what it wants. You see?

If it’s your birthday or anniversary or you just know a piece of something sweet is in your future, plan ahead. Build it into your day. Maybe cut out some carbs earlier in the day so your added treat isn’t making as big of an impact. Just live smart, not perfect! I promise, one piece of cake isn’t going to ruin your progress just like one piece of fruit isn’t going to accelerate it. It’s our daily actions that matter – there is a compound effect.

Be gentle on yourself and do your best. You got this!!



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