Watermelon Goodness

1465489511-watermelon-index.pngI love all things watermelon! Especially for summer. When I was grocery shopping I saw watermelons on rollback and just had to pick one up. Sad that their season is coming to an end, but I’ll take advantage of the discount 😉

I didn’t cut it up until Thursday since we had friends over for dinner last night and I wanted to make sure there was enough to go around {I probably would have had it all gone if I hadn’t waited to cut it}

We have all this delicious watermelon sitting in our fridge – when it came time to make my shake this morning I had the tough decision: which fruit should I throw in today?? I usually stick to adding fresh fruit or peanut butter. Well, watermelon was the obvious choice although I was a little hesitant about chocolate flavored watermelon…

I’m happy to report that it was DELICIOUS! It is the perfect drink after a hot walk with Stella. Why have I never thought of trying this before!?

Watermelon Delight

-1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology

-Watermelon cut up {to your preference}

-Ice {to your preference, I didn’t use much}

-Water {filled to “max” line on NutriBullet cup}

Blend and enjoy. Happy Saturday, friends!!


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