Fresh start

Hi friend.

i have been back and forth on this blog over the past couple years {mostly off}, but I want to use this as a place to connect with YOU. I want to share my journey – trials and triumphs – in hopes that it will inspire you, challenge you, help you.

The thought of coming back to this has kept popping into my head over the past week or so. I figure if it’s been on my heart, I should probably take action.

So here I am! What do you want to know? I should probably start with a little about me…

My name is Rachel Cooper. I am 23 years old working full time in the corporate world of financial services. It is absolutely not my dream job. It really doesn’t even make sense why I work there considering I was a psychology major, but hey! This is where God placed me, so this is where I will be.

In March I began diving into the world of health and fitness. In this world I found a new passion! A passion for improving myself and helping others. These were the types of things I always wanted to do – make a difference in someone else’s life, become the best Rachel I can be, build a solid financial foundation for my future family.

I graduated college in May 2014 and really had no idea what I would do. It seemed like all my friends had found their calling and I didn’t hear the ring. So I bounced from one full time job to another to one more. It has taken time, but I know I’m getting closer to where I’m meant to be.

Everything happens for a reason. I totally believe in this. I believe God is using this time to equip me, mold me, and develop me into the person I need to be in order to be the best leader, motivator and coach I can be.

I will share more of my journey as the time comes. Thank you for joining me and I hope you stay tuned.

Talk to you soon,



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